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Health Wealth Safe's Glossary

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Master patient population

The sheet used to track each care manager’s patient population in each of the clinics. This list is updated by the clinic leaders.


MyChartWriter -The EMR management program used by HWS employees to manage clinic patients. MCW is used to view and update the daily clinic schedule, add notes about patient interactions, upload clinic notes, and to store other relevant patient information and documents. MCW is also used by employees to clock in and out of work and view their timesheets.


The US federal and state program that assists low income individuals and families with their healthcare costs. For the purposes of HWS, patients who have Medicaid as their primary insurance are not eligible for products and services beyond telemedicine.


The national health insurance program that provides Americans ages 65 older and those with qualifying disabilities with health insurance. Medicare covers about 60 million Americans. HWS patients who use Medicare as their primary insurance may qualify for programs and services we offer such as RTM and RPM.


Medical records number. Also known as simply MR. A numeric or alphanumeric code used to locate specific patients in the Dashboard or My Chart Writer. When sending communication about specific patients, refer to them using their MRN rather than their names to remain HIPAA compliant.

Musculoskeletal system disorders

Injuries or diseases that affect the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and/or spinal discs. Common musculoskeletal disorders include osteoarthritis, autoinflammatory syndromes, and osteoporosis; musculoskeletal system disorders are in general referred to with ICD-10 codes M00-M99, with some exceptions.