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HIPAA Basics- Shonda Brown- Updated: 04/09/2021

Provide an overview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the policies and processes regarding Protected Health Information (PHI).

  • To introduce you to the basics of HIPAA for you to understand the rules and regulations. 
  • Review its impact on our Healthcare Network.
  • Explore practical ways to deal with Protected Health Information (PHI) on the job.
  • Help you understand patients’ rights under the law to protect them, our organization, and you.

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How to use Faxage for Consents/Registration

In this module, you will learn how the Consents/Registration team processes the RPM/CCM Consent forms taken by In-clinic Navigators and staff when they enroll patients in the office at their appointments. Sometimes the physical consent forms may be given to you, but most of the time you will get them from Faxage.com.

Faxage is an internet based faxing system that allows you to send and receive faxes anywhere that you have Internet. Sending a fax is as quick and convenient as sending an email.  

***If you don’t already have login credentials for Faxage, please reach out to Support or to your Team Lead to get your username and password. The company code is 70641.

Step 1: Log in to Faxage

Faxage Login Page


Step 2: Check Folders

When you login to Faxage, this is the first screen you will see. Click the button at the top that says “Folders” (only Managers and Team Leads use the options on the left next to the fax numbers.)


Next, you will see the list of various folders created to organize the faxes that are received. New faxes are moved into the “Received” folders as they come in each day.  You will look in one or more of these folders to find the signed consent forms you are going to process. If you have not been assigned a specific clinic or folder to work on, contact your manager or Team Leader for further instruction on which folder you should be working from. 

**There my be some folders you do not have access to. This will depend on whether you are assigned to work on a CCM or RPM only clinics.

From inside one of the “Received” folders, you will see a list of faxes. Each fax is named after the clinic from which it was received. This will be the name of the clinic where the patient signed the consent form.


Note: If you see someone’s initials after the fax (like the “MR” next to BFP Consents) someone is already working on that folder of faxes, look for another one to work. 

Step 3: "WIPing" a file

When you have found a folder of faxes to process, you will change the filename. Leave the filename as it already is - but ADD YOUR INITIALS at the end.  Adding your initials will show other Navigators you are currently processing the signed consent forms in that folder.

To change the filename, type the filename and your initials into the blank space of the column labeled “Rename” (as pictured and highlighted below). All the way to the right you will see a blue square with a right pointing arrow inside. Click that blue square on the right to “Apply Changes''. The filename you entered will not be saved until you Click “Apply Changes”. 


***Leave the fax you renamed with your initials in the Received folder in Faxage until you have finished processing all the consents included.***

Step 4: Processing Consent

To begin processing the pages of signed consents in the fax you renamed with your initials, you must download that fax to your computer.

To download to your computer, Click the icon of a page that’s to the left of the filename of the fax you are going to process. When the download is complete on your computer, right-click the file and change the filename so that you can tell what fax it is. (Note how the filename below and the fax info above - the clinic, date, and # of pages - all match up.) 

After you’ve changed the name of the fax, right-click again but in a white area to make a new folder. Name the folder descriptively like you did the fax - this is to keep all the individual consents organized and in one place. Then move the fax into the folder, and then move the folder out of Downloads and onto your Desktop. (DON’T keep the folder in “Downloads” - any time you click to view a PDF file online, it downloads to this place. That is why you have to make folders - so that what you’re working on doesn’t get mixed up with other things.)


Now that you have your main fax downloaded and in its folder, you need to break it up into individual consent forms for processing. You do this by “printing” each page as a PDF file and saving them individually by mr# in the folder you made. So once you’ve clicked to open the main fax, you scroll each individual page into view, as shown below. Highlighted are the mr# and the print button (plus where it shows you how many pages are in the document) and you want to click the printer button.


Find “Print to PDF” in your computer’s printer options. And as you scroll each consent form into view, change the page # to “current” (or give it the specific page # if required) and click “print.”


As you ‘print’ each page, it asks you to name the file and where to save it. Each filename should be as descriptive and short as possible, such as “Consent AHC 12345” where the digits are each patient’s MR#. WX4hTni0TRwWV93RvZ-zRpIz9lMw-yZoZ0y_vXuTwTnhhvB9dMC2s647M4hFLefnVG4n5eiWguWXf0fuQa6KYqBafS6x3I3QcIkSt65b5nbJrBu-j-RzjV9cjTALHJEq5Yhb1Ku0

You’ll repeat this step for each page in the fax, until you have all the consent forms saved in your folder and with each mr# listed in the filenames. Now you are ready to upload these consents into HWS, register each patient for HWS and/or CCM where appropriate, and otherwise update and edit each patient’s account information!

Once you have processed all of the consent forms, you need to go back to Faxage and mark the fax you were working on as completed. Log back into Faxage, go to the Folders up top, find the “Received” folder your fax was in, and find the fax with your initials by it. To complete it, all you do is change the folder from “Received” to “Processed.” Now you’re ready to do another!!


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