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Health Wealth Safe's Glossary

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 the electronic system that AHCSPC uses to send prescriptions to the pharmacies.

Red Carpet Registration

Red Carpet Registration is a new service offered by Health Wealth Safe. Typically, this involves someone from our registration team to go to the physician’s office to offer in-person training to the staff and physician. Not only that, but they will begin to register patients as they come into the physician practices. Essentially it's the rapid enrollment of a clinic.


The process of a care manager or other HWS employee calling a patient or approaching them in the clinic to enroll them in the HWS program and set up the delivery of their API device.

Respiratory system diseases

Diseases that affect the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. These disorders can be caused by infections, smoking tobacco, and other negative environmental exposures. Respiratory system diseases are commonly referred to by the ICD-10 codes J00-J99, except for smoking-related illnesses, which are usually referred to by Z-codes, and certain other conditions.


Remote patient monitoring. The primary service offered by HWS, RPM uses digital technology to observe and assist patients outside of traditional clinic settings and allows them to take a more active and engaged role in their own healthcare.


Remote therapeutic monitoring. This is a more recent service offered by HWS aimed at patients with musculoskeletal and respiratory system conditions. It uses diagnosis-specific health surveys that patients can complete via the app. Care managers track patient responses to these surveys so they can quickly address any problems that may arise.