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Health Wealth Safe's Glossary

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Quality Check

Quality check is done to prepare for a patient engagement call (RPM, CCM or RTM).
It pertains to gathering information on the patients profile to have a better understanding on who you're talking to and what their past with our service may have been.

  1.  Start by checking the device status to see if they have been using their device (whether or not it's been shipped etc). If there are responses, check how frequent the patient is using their device. 
  2. Check patient's last engagement and the last time the patient was called (this can be found on the notes section). 
  3. Ensure that the diagnosis codes are on the patients profile, if the patient does not have a diagnosis code on their profile forward the patient to your star manager, registration team, or billing team to get missing dx codes.
  4. Check the make sure that the patient has qualifying insurance listed on their profile. Eligible insurance can be found here. If the patient is missing the insurance, send a message to the billing team or your star manager requesting the information to be updated. [Located in Care Managers - RPM - Engagement Calling]