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Health Wealth Safe's Glossary

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Advanced search

Dashboard feature that allows users to narrow down their search in the Population area according to criteria such as first and last name, medical record number, date of birth, etc. This feature is the ideal way to locate specific patients. See also Population.

API device

Any of the devices currently used by HWS that allow patients to participate in and effectively utilize RPM and the HWS app. See also Blood glucose monitor; Blood pressure monitor; Weight scale.


For the purposes of this TOC, the HWS smartphone application, available for both iOS and Android phones. This app can be used for all of our services and it an easy way to connect to your physician! 

Application programming interface (API)

A form of software interface that connects computers to other computersor software to other software.

Authorization code

The numeric or alphanumeric code used by care managers to authenticate a completed CCM plan. Care managers have both a personal authorization code and doctor-specific codes used for all clinics for which they complete CCM plans.