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Health Wealth Safe's Glossary

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Support manager

 A support team member is a professional who is responsible for handling patient queries, login requests, and complaints regarding HWS or AHCSPC. 


Indicates that a care manager was unable to reach a patient and that another attempt must be made to call them 5-7 days later from the initial call attempt.



HWS provides this technology service free of charge for partnered physician use. TM is implemented through the HWS app and allows physicians to conduct virtual clinic visits, streamlining care and fostering more direct and efficient communication between patients and doctors.



Our secure platform that allows uniform and easy communication between all parties in HWS across three channels: voice, video, and text messaging. This platform protects patient information and maintains HIPAA compliance while remaining accessible from all around the world.

verbal consent

Consent given over the phone by a patient to a registration care manager. Members of the registration team call partnered clinic patients to invite them to begin services if they are eligible for services.


Weight scale

Weight scale. One of the API devices offered to HWS patients. Weight scales are used primarily for patients with diabetes and other weight-related conditions so they can keep track of their progress on a daily basis.

Welcome call

A call care managers make to new patients to introduce them to HWS and explain its many products and services. Better known as first follow-up call.


Acronym for work in progress, a box on the population dashboard that can be clicked to show that a care manager is currently working on their 'WIP' patient

written consent

A document signed by a patient consenting to digital health services. Written consents are provided to the clinic by HWS. The clinic is responsible for sending in written consents to register patients. 



A type of diagnostic code used in situations in which a patient requires service but does not have a specific condition or injury, or in which a patient needs to address a problem arising from a social determinant of health (such as homelessness or unemployment). For the purposes of HWS, Z-codes cannot be used to determine eligibility for RPM or any of our other offered programs or devices.

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